The Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit who Dwells in Me - The Fail-safe Way for You to Receive the Holy Spirit
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The Holy Spirit who Dwells in Me - The Fail-safe Way for You to Receive the Holy Spirit

Rev. Paul C. Jong


Part One ─ Sermons
1. The Holy Spirit Works within God’s Word of Promise (Acts 1:4-8)
2. Can Anyone Really Purchase the Holy Spirit with His Own Effort? (Acts 8:14-24)
3. Did You Receive the Holy Spirit When You Believed in Jesus? (Acts 19:1-3) 
4. Those Who Have the Same Faith as That of the Disciples of Jesus (Acts 3:19) 
5. Do You Want to Have Fellowship with the Holy Spirit? (1 John 1:1-10)
6. Believe That the Holy Spirit Dwells in You (Matthew 25:1-12)
7. The Beautiful Gospel That Allows You to Have the Holy Spirit Dwell in Your Heart (Isaiah 9:6-7)
8. Through Whom Does the Living Water of the Holy Spirit Flow? (John 7:37-38)
9. The Gospel of Jesus’ Baptism That Has Made Us Clean (Ephesians 2:14-22) 
10. Walk in the Spirit! (Galatians 5:16-26, 6:6-18) 
11. To Keep Your Life Full of the Holy Spirit (Ephesians 5:6-18)
12. To Live Your Life Full of the Holy Spirit (Titus 3:1-8)
13. The Works and Gifts of the Holy Spirit (John 16:5-11) 
14. What Is True Repentance That Leads Us to Receive the Holy Spirit? (Acts 2:38) 
15. You Can Receive the Holy Spirit and Be Dwelt by Him Only When You Know the Truth (John 8:31-36) 
16. The Mission of All Who Have Received the Holy Spirit (Isaiah 61:1-11) 
17. We Must Have Faith and Hope in the Holy Spirit (Romans 8:16-25) 
18. The Truth That Leads You to the Indwelling of the Holy Spirit (Joshua 4:23) 
19. The Beautiful Gospel That Tore the Veil of the Temple (Matthew 27:45-54) 
20. Those Who Have Experienced the Indwelling of the Holy Spirit Guide Others to Also Receive the Holy Spirit (John 20:21-23) 

Part Two ─ Appendix
1. Testimonies of Salvation 
2. Questions and Answers 
In Christianity today, the most frequently discussed issues are "salvation from sin" and "the indwelling of the Holy Spirit." However, few people have precise knowledge of these two ideas, despite the fact that they are the two most important concepts in Christianity. What is worse, we can`t find any biblical writing that teaches us clearly about the issues above. There have been lots of Christian authors glorifying the gifts of the Holy Spirit or describing the Spirit-filled lives. But any of them doesn`t dare to deal with the fundamental question, "How can a believer surely receive the Holy Spirit?" Why? Surprising truth is that they couldn`t write about it in full-scale because they didn`t have exact knowledge of it. As Prophet Hosea cried out, "My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge," nowadays, not a few Christians are drawn into religious fanaticism, hoping to receive the Holy Spirit. They believe that they will receive the Holy Spirit by reaching a state of frenzy and hysteria. But it is no exaggeration to say that their so-called faith reduces Christianity to mere shallow Shamanism, and that such fanaticism derives from Satan. The author Rev. Paul C. Jong dares to proclaim the truth. He deals the essential subjects in full-scale, which most spiritual writers have evaded for a long time. He first defines the meaning of "being born again" and "the indwelling of the Holy Spirit," and explains the inevitable relationship between the two pivotal concepts. Then he runs the whole gamut of description concerning the Holy Spirit, from "how to discern the spirits" to "the way to Spirit-filled lives." For more information, the author advises you to examine the contents of this book posted on this web page.
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Book Reviews from Readers

  • The fail-safe way for a Christian to receive the indwelling of the Holy Spirit
    SIMON KALUBA, Zambia

    We only have one way of how we can receive the Holy Spirit. It`s by believing the baptism of Jesus. It is absolutely necessary for mankind to receive the Holy Spirit by first knowing the reason why John the Baptist baptized Jesus Christ at the River Jordan. It was to transfer the sins of the world`s past, present, and future sins. Jesus took and paid them all in a total price on the Cross. Believing in such a way is the only way to receive the indwelling of the Holy Spirit, so those people who speak in different tongues don`t mean those people have the Holy Spirit. That`s what is happening in Christianity, and that is false, in conclusion, the indwelling of the Holy Spirit comes true if a person only understands and believes in the beautiful Gospel of the water and the Spirit preached by the New Life Mission. If we do so, we will have the fullness of the Gift of the Holy Spirit. Glory be to Jesus Christ for giving us his servants and entrusting them with this work. Amen.

  • The Devil`s deception on the indwelling of the Holy Spirit has been made naked by faith in the Gospel of Water and the Spirit:.
    Onyege Emmanuel, Uganda

    All people around the world who are in Christianity and are not born again of Water, blood and the Spirit are not clear in this topic on the indwelling owing to their ignorance of Salvation given by God.
    Reverend Paul C Jong`s book on the Holy Spirit gave me a crystal clear way for one to have both the indwelling and the work of the Holy Spirit in His/her life.
    Before becoming born again of Water and the Spirit, I trusted my mother so much for both my faith and spiritual growth, because she was among my leaders in the church. She taught us how to judge whether one is elected or not. Her qualifier was mainly on dreams. She told us that if one doesn`t dream, it means he/she is dead in the spirit. But also we used not to be sure somehow because in our area there is a woman known of dreaming what in most cases comes to pass. But this woman was a Catholic and always found of stealing people`s chicken, goats and other things in the village. So that could give us some doubt at home but nevertheless, since this was strongly emphasized by all leaders, we had to agree to it but in confusion!
    I lived a life of devotion more than my other siblings. Moving with my mother everywhere she could go for prayers, fastings, crusades, conferences whenever there was ability. Many people were wondering what kind of child I was, because they could see that God was with me. But i used to suffer a lot with demons tormenting me mostly in dreams and causing illnesses.
    After growing up, I really desired the fullness of the Holy Spirit, but I couldn`t manage to speak in tongues. I desired a lot to speak in tongues and tried many times to learn how to do it, but it didn`t work out. But still, I thought that I was an elect as I was told by my mother.
    My second earnest desire was to be used mightily by God to perform miracles and wonders because this was considered to be concrete evidence that one possesses the Holy Spirit. So as taught by my leaders, I could everyday pray that God uses me in the future mightily. I even vowed not to sleep with any woman as a sign of devotion such that I maintain the presence of God in me.
    My life was really full of confusion concerning the Holy Spirit.
    I tried keeping the law, occasion prayers and fasting, daily prayers of repentance, offering money to the power, doing the work of evangelism, thinking that these were the works of the Holy Spirit and I was seeking to excel in them. But this Holy Spirit, which could be extinguished with sin, could give me much suffering to maintain him.
    But the truth is, I couldn`t get the indwelling of the Holy Spirit because I still had sins in my heart and I had not even heard teachings concerning sins in my heart. I wasn`t born again from my sins that`s why the Spirit of God couldn`t come and leave in me.
    By reading Paul C Jong`s book on the Holy Spirit, I came to understand the above scriptures clearly. No one who is still a sinner can receive God`s Holy Spirit, Even if he/she climbs from earth to the sky or donate large sums of money or repent or fast or perform wonders. The Holy Spirit is Holy; He only comes to hearts that have been freed from sin by believing in the baptism (which took away all our lifelong sins John1:29) and the death of Jesus Christ for our sins.

  • The Holy Spirit who Dwells in Me - The Fail-safe Way for You to Receive the Holy Spirit
    Brenda Tembo, Zambia

    This is the only book that has revealed the truth about how to receive the Holy Spirit among all Christian books established before the face of the earth, it us made me understand and believe that,
    Human beings can never receive the Holy Spirit with a heart that has been redeemed but yet still believes that it has sin. But rather one can only receive the Holy Spirit by adopting the only true faith found in the beautiful gospel truth of the water and the Spirit(Hebrews 10vs22). For it is in this gospel that enables one to receive the indwelling of the Holy Spirit within his heart and thus erase all the fanaticism, Charismatics beliefs and the deceitful tricks of the devil, which influences one to dwell in his false beliefs of offering consistent prayers, fasting tirelessly, bringing sacrifices(like giving whole monthly salary as an offering, rejoicing in hearing strange tongues, eagerly to perceive wanders and miracles, generally as the means to receive the Holy Spirit, not knowing that all this are the works of the evil Spirit manifesting in the hearts of false preachers with sin intact in their hearts (Titus 3vs5).
    The receiving of the Holy Spirit only occurs by believing in the gospel of the water and the Spirit, which you will receive by reading none other than THE FAIL SAFE WAY FOR YOU TO RECEIVE THE HOLY SPIRIT. For it clearly reveals how to receive the Holy Spirit by the will of God excluding all humanly strength and abilities but by believing only in the gospel of the water and the Spirit, which is the true faith constituting the true Spiritual baptism that has enables us to receive the indwelling of the Holy Spirit(Acts2vs38). For the Holy Spirit can only dwell in the sinless heart with faith in the gospel of the water and the Spirit as concluded in (John1vs29)Amen.

  • Let us lift the veil on Satan’s work, through which he has deceived the world for so long!
    Stephen Benjamin, Canada

    The author of this book has long devoted himself to uncovering the deceptive work of Satan, which remained hidden for such a long time.
    Pretending himself to be the Holy Spirit, Satan has been able to deceive people absolutely owing to their ignorance of the genuine gospel.
    Therefore, we must have a clear understanding of the gospel of the water and the Spirit and believe in it with all our hearts.
    Satan has used Christian rituals,doctrines and works of the Law to delude people and led them to destruction. Even now, Satan is deceiving people using these methods and hindering them from receiving the indwelling of the Holy Spirit.
    Just as people have misunderstood God’s righteousness and had mistaken faith for over a thousand years since the Middle Ages, most Christians today are apt to mistake the work of the devil for that of the Holy Spirit. These people have no idea that they are working as bondservants of Satan.
    In this book, the author tries to reveal the soul winning truth by lifting the veil that has kept Satan’s work hidden for so long.
    So That’s is why don’t forget to log on and visit our website

  • The Fail-safe Way for You to Receive the Holy Spirit
    Eliot Bwalya, Zambia

    After reading this book, I came to learn and understand that, the indwelling of the Holy spirit comes and dwells in our hearts when we believe in the gospel of salvation, the gospel of the water and the spirit.
    When one believes that, the Lord came on this Earth by being incorneted in this weak flesh, received the baptism from John the Baptist in the Jordan River, shed His precious blood and died crusfied on the cross. He rose again from the dead on the third day and He ascended into the Heavens where He sits at the right hand of the throne of God the Father, hence He is coming from to judge the living and the dead. And imidietely one receives the indwelling of the Holy spirit as a seal and a guarantee that, he/she have become the child of God. For God promised this gift of the Holy spirit to those who believe in His gospel of the baptism of Jesus Christ and His blood on the cross. Acts 2:38-39.
    That, the Old Testament sucrificial offering of un blemished animals and the laying on of hands as written in Leviticus 16:20-21, represents the baptism of Jesus by John the Baptist in Jordan River to fulfill the all righteousness as indicated in Matthew 3:15.
    Like this, Jesus as the Lamb of God took away all the sins of the world as stated in John 1:9. Therefore, there is no sin left in this world.
    That, living a life of faith in the baptism of Jesus, His blood on the cross, and the spirit like this with oil, "the Holy spirit" and Lapms, "the church," has made us live our spiritual lives as wise saints who are completely prepared to meet and receive Jesus Christ the bridegroom like the five wise virgins.
    Un like the other five foolish ones who wished to receive the Lord through their own will, like prayers, laying on of hands speaking in tongues and through Earthly means like Simon the sorcerer who wanted to purchase the Holy spirit with money. Acts 8:18.
    That, a sinner can not receive the Holy spirit nor make others do so because, any one who does not believe in both, the baptism of Jesus and His blood on the cross, but believes only the blood of the cross is still a sinner and therefore, the Holy spirit can not dwell in him/her. For water means "baptism of Jesus" while spirit means Jesus is God.
    Therefore, one without faith in the gospel of the water and the spirit, is not yet been born again and can not receive the indwelling of the Holy spirit and can not even have fellowship with the Lord.
    I also learned that, we the Born again of water and the spirit, and have the indwelling of the Holy spirit in our hearts, will continue committing daily sins in this weak flesh, but even so, we are without sin. Now in order to free our conscience from sin, we should confess our daily sins before the Lord and admit them, and raminet ourselves with the gospel of the water and the spiri.
    That, during the early church time, the disciples of Jesus spoke in tongues in order to preach the beautiful gospel of the water and the spirit to the foreign language speaking Jews in their own languages through the help of the Holy spirit, as stated in Acts 2:2-7,
    And in Acts 8:14-17, they laid their hands on those who believed but had not yet received the Holy spirit, because, God allowed this to happen for the word of God was still being written and the work was not yet been completed. Therefore, God gave His servants, the disciples of Jesus special powers to do His mission. Using His disciples, God powerfully showed the work of the Holy spirit in order to prove that Jesus is God the Almighty and He is the son of God. However, nowadays it`s not necessary to receive the Holy spirit through visible wonders and miracles, neither through laying on of hands nor prayers because the Bible has already been completed.
    Today one has to hear and believe in the gospel of salvation, the gospel of the water and the spirit to receive the remission of sin and the indwelling of the Holy spirit at the same time. Just like Namaan obeyed the prophet Elisha, he went and dipped his body in the waters of River Jordan seven times and his skin was restored like a little child`s skin. 2 Kings 5:10-14.This is how the Lord comforts those who moan and give freedom to the captives.
    That, we the righteous who believe in the gospel of the baptism of Jesus and His blood have everlasting joy, and experience the feeling of the spiritual living waters freshly overflowing and moisturing our hearts, and we drink from it when ever we gather together, preaching or hearing God`s word of truth, the gospel of the water and the spirit as stated in John 7:37-38.
    That, the reason why the Lord gives us the Holy spirit is, to strengthen us, comforts us and to lead us preach this beautiful gospel of salvation in order to save those who are not yet been saved and help them receive the indwelling of the Holy spirit, become God`s children and United to His Church and His servant.
    That, God did not separate Himself from us because He Haded us. But it was after the first man Adam our father sined by being decieved by Satan. Then we as Adam`s disendants be came sinners as well and God separated Himself from us , as written in Genesis 3:1-23.
    Now in order to live by faith and dwell in the presence of the Lord our God in His Kingdom, we needed the remission of sin. Therefore, God brought us back to Himself through the water, "Jesus` baptism". And now we are His children born of the spirit as written in 1 Peter 3:21.
    That, we the righteous posses two elements, the Holy spirit and the lust of the flesh, while the sinners posses only one element, the lust of the flesh. And this two are contrary to one another.
    The Holy spirit leads us to wish from deep down our hearts to do God`s will and serve the Lord and makes us zealous to involve ourselves in doing spiritual work and walk in the spirit.
    On the other hand, our desires stire up the lust of the flesh so that we can not walk in the spirit as written in Galatians 5:19-21.
    Therefore, we the righteous must engage in spiritual work of preaching the gospel of truth through out the world in order for us to walk in the fulnes of the spirit. In this way we will be able to bear the fruits of the spirit, as Galatians 5:22-24, and be able to walk in the spirit even though we still have the lust of the flesh because the Holy spirit dwells in our hearts. While those who are not born again have only the lust of the flesh and they don`t even know what it means to walk in the spirit.
    That, we the righteous must do good things for the sake of others. And before the Lord, the highest goodness is to preach the gospel of the water and the spirit for benefit of others. We must feel compassion for them and love every one even those who are not yet been saved by preaching God`s love to them. We should dedicate ourselves to serve the gospel of our Lord in order for us to maintain the fulnes of the Holy spirit, and we must always be happy to see the work of the Lord being accomplished. We must be faithful in doing God`s work of saving other souls from their sins and serve the Lord even if no one gave us the instructions to do so. And we must deny ourselves in many areas in order to make this beautiful gospel cover the whole Earth.
    Also that, after we are born again and become righteous, now our master is the Lord and He is our king for He is our only savior. He is our God and our maker, who forgave all our sins and blessed us with everlasting life. He is now the only one who has domnion over our lives and death, blessings and curses. We must always obey our Lord God the Father and Jesus Christ the son, and give glory for our salvation.
    That, as the righteous in order not to undermine the gospel of truth, we must obey the laws of this world. We must be gentle, peaceable and humility to all mankind and not to fight with them. As the righteous children of God, we don`t fight with flesh and blood, but with spiritual hosts of darkness.
    Therefore, we should only fight spiritual fight if the laws of this world interfere with the gospel of truth. In this way, we must stand on the light of truth and difend our faith in the gospel of the water and the spirit.
    I thank the Lord for saving me through the water and the spirit. For making me righteous and giving me the indwelling of the Holy spirit. Uniting me with His Church and His servant. Amen!!


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