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    Praise be to Jesus who gave me the gospel of the water and the Spirit and saved me from all my lifelong sins and kept me alive until today.

    Praise be to Jesus who gave me the gospel of the water and the Spirit and saved me from all my lifelong sins and kept me alive until today.Today is my 26th birthday! I have lived until today because of my faith in Christ`s righteousness, and tomorrow I will live in Christ`s righteousness. Hallelujah!Jesus, who is God, dressed in human flesh and came from heaven to earth without shame for our sins. When Jesus, who is God, was 30 years old, he went to Jordan and was baptized by John the Baptist for our sins. Through John laying his hands on Jesus` head, Lord Jesus bore all the sins of the world in his flesh. Jesus, who is God, accepted all our punishment for our sins and died. On the third day, he rose from the dead. Hallelujah, because I believe this wonderful gospel, I have become righteous, I have received the Holy Spirit in my heart, I can thank the Lord, I can meet the Lord in prayer, and I have been appointed to preach this wonderful gospel! I will be alive tomorrow for the work of the gospel. Amen, I am blessed, Hallelujah!Today, I am happy to share with you the gospel of the water and the Spirit, which freed me from my lifelong sins. Feel free to click on the links for useful resources! God bless you all! or

    • Teferi Oshine
    • Ethiopia
    • 04/02/2024142
  • No. 250


    Disbelieving the gospel of the water and Spirit is not only Rejecting the Word of baptism of Jesus, saying I do not believe in Jesus` baptism, but, you can begin to disbelief the gospel truth of the Water and the Spirit Even as you believe in the baptism of Jesus, His death and His resurrection when you begin to condemn others due to their insufficiencies, saying; how can that brother or sister do that, how can he or she say such words as if she is not born again of the Water and the Spirit. But believe me, you, such a life is not a life of faith before God. If God took away all our sins through His baptism, death and resurrection and accomplished our salvation once and for all and He remembers not nor count our sins anymore. Then who are you to begin to count other brethrens sins, busy pointing out their shortcomings, We must be people who walk in forgiveness day by day as we live in this world for the sake of other souls.For the Gospel is always and only about forgiveness.

    • Brenda Tembo
    • Zambia
    • 03/31/202482
  • No. 249


    Sometimes when we forget to ruminate more about the main purpose of the gospel truth of the Water and the Spirit, we intend to lose our way of living in the righteousness God, and Thus we begin to live in the path of condemnation which no longer exists in the before God. But because of His endlessly Love for us, He brings us back to His path of righteousness through hardships in accordance to His will, and by His word of truth He reminds us of His good works towards us His people. I hope that none of us will live a life of Condemnation for it is a life undermines the work of God. Thus we must truly be born again of the Water and the Spirit deeply and completely be freed from our sins and a life of Condemnation.I thank the Lord for edifying the inner Man in me for His Glory by always reminding me of the greatest work of His baptism, death and His resurrection He accomplished for us all mankind who were Destined to go to hell.May God bless and protect His Servants more abundantly in all angles of their lives for His Glory Alone.

    • Brenda Tembo
    • Zambia
    • 03/31/202434
  • No. 248

    Circumcision is that of the heart.

    We are made righteous by believing with our hearts that God is our God, our Savior. We are saved by believing with our hearts. We are not saved by anything else. We have become righteous by believing with our hearts that God is our God and He blotted out all our sins with the baptism of Jesus and His death on the Cross. Believing with our hearts saves us.

    • Sichembe Gilbert
    • Zambia
    • 03/26/202462
  • No. 247

    The Baptism of Jesus Christ: Why Was Jesus baptized?

    The Baptism of Jesus Christ: Why Was Jesus baptized?John the Baptist was a human being like us. He was also marked with sins and weaknesses. However, he also believed in the Saviour Jesus Christ who would come, be baptized by him and crucified and rise again to solve away all his sins and the sins of the whole world.On the other hand, Jesus Christ is God Himself who came wearing our human flesh.Because John the Baptist realized that he was lowly man before Jesus Christ. He could not understand why a lowly man like him could lay his hands on God`s head to baptize Him. As a man he was wondering why he himself must do this, and whether or not there`s no other way for Jesus Christ to take away the sins of the world. But could there be any other way for the sins of the world to passed onto Jesus Christ? No, because the Old Testament`s sacrificial system of laying on of hand is a shadow of Jesus Christ baptism.So Jesus Christ commanded John the Baptist saying “Permit it to be so now, for thus it is fitting for us to fulfill all righteousness.” Then he allowed Him. (Matthew 3:15)In this verse Jesus said "for thus", this means "in this way", "there is no other way but this". Like this Jesus Christ Himself told John the Baptist to go ahead and lay his two hands on His head and baptize Him so that He could receive all the sins of the whole world onto Himself. He said there was no other way He could have all the sins of the world sins transfer to His body except through His baptism. And John allowed Jesus to be baptized by him.Then the next day after baptizing Jesus Christ, John witnessed as He saw Him walking by and said to people around him "Behold! The Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world." (John 1:29). John the Baptist could bear such witness because he actually passed the sins of the world onto Jesus`s head through the baptism he gave Him just `yesterday.`Furthermore, before Jesus Christ was crucified He went to a place called Gethsemane. There He prayed to God Father three times for the cup of the suffering of crucifixion to be taken away from Him. He was also asking God the Father whether or not there could not be another way for the judgment of sins to be paid apart from crucifixion. Jesus Christ came in likeness of human flesh, He could understand the pains He was about to suffer in His flesh. But just as there is no other way for Jesus to take away our sins except through the baptism He received from John the Baptist, there is also no other way for Him to pay the wages of the sins except through His death on the Cross.Like this, the gospel of the baptism of Jesus Christ in the Jordan River and His blood of the Cross is as clear as crystal. The faith in the baptism of Jesus Christ is necessary to our salvation.But now, have you come in contact with this beautiful gospel of the water and the Spirit?Visit our website today and download any of our books on the

    • Ndubuisi Okorie
    • Nigeria
    • 03/10/202496