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    We are so thankful to the Lord Jesus Christ, for allowing us to distribute The New Life Mission Christian books in the city of Dschang located in Western Cameroon.By His Providence, Brother Christophe Fondja and I traveled safely. The distribution took place in two days. We started the distribution in a neighborhood of the city called Mingou. We distributed 3 boxes of books and met a man (Jean Tsafack) who was eager to hear the beautiful gospel. We exchanged some words and recommended him to read the first book. The next day we went to the university and distributed 7 boxes of books. The distribution on this second day went wonderfully well and we immediately took the way back to Douala. We now commend these souls who received the free Christian books from Pastor Paul C. Jong to God and pray for them unceasingly. May God save His people through the Gospel of the Water and the Spirit! Brother Cedric Patrick, Douala-Cameroon

    • Cédric Patrick Tchako
    • Cameroon
    • 02/17/2023195
  • No. 207

    If You Have Confusion and Emptiness in Your Heart, Seek the Light of the Truth

    I can see from reading this book how much God wants to shine the light of the true gospel that contains both the baptism and the blood of Jesus Christ in the hearts of today's Christians. Christians all over the world can now find out what is wrong with their current faith and how to believe properly before God, by reading this book. This current false faith which lies in just the crucified Jesus can be traced back to the meeting summoned by Emperor Constantine in AD 325. The result of the meeting is the Nicene Creed, where the baptism of Jesus Christ was removed arbitrarily. Constantine and his followers are responsible for the death of countless Christians from Late Antiquity to this day. It hurts my heart to learn how many Christians have faced death as a result of inheriting this false doctrine that lies on just the Cross of Jesus Christ. How many Christians have died since AD 325 believing in just the crucified Jesus? Wouldn't many be saved if the gospel that contains both the baptism and blood of Jesus Christ was passed down to them? Wouldn't our work of preaching this gospel that contains both the baptism of Jesus Christ and His blood be lessened as well? If it hurts us this way, how much does it hurt Jesus Christ, our Saviour? The sin committed by Constantine and his followers is not a small sin, the consequence of that sin is the death of countless people, and the effect continues even till these days. Using Constantine's religion as a weapon, Satan has knocked these Christians down, and they are still licking their wounds. With the gospel of just the blood, there is 0% chance of them recovering from Satan's defeat no matter how much they try. Painfully, some of these Christians still see us as heretics, being unable to realize that what they themselves believed in is actually the wrong faith, thereby rubbing salt into their wounds. Nevertheless, these Christians really need the help of the believers in the gospel of the water and the Spirit. Recently I saw in the internet, the images of baby chicks in the nests looking up to the sky with their mouths open, they are saying “Feed me. I’m hungry!” These Christians are like these birds, we will not forsake them. Though they may sing and dance with their body, their souls are hungry for the Word of life. Therefore, the believers in the gospel Word of the water and the Spirit are duty-bound to put a stop to the spread of this killer gospel. This Nicene Creed which arose out of the First Council of Nicaea, reproduced the present Apostles' Creed that many Christians now hold onto. By looking at the present Apostles' Creed, we can see how much damage Constantine and his followers have done in Christianity by removing the baptism of Jesus Christ. It shows that the present Apostles' Creed holds the faith of today's Christians, which means these Christians have misbelieved from Late Antiquity till now. The consequence of their misbelief is that they have all faced death being unable to receive the remission of their sins. It is shocking to see how the baptism of Jesus Christ was removed in the Apostles' Creed - a byproduct of the Nicene Creed. This removal is like counting 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7. A closer look at this counting reveals that 2 is missing. But Christians today do not even realize that something is missing in their faith in the Apostles' Creed. In the Apostles' Creed we can see faith in the Triune God, and Jesus Christ who is God Himself who was conceived of the Holy Spirit and born of the Virgin Mary. At this point, the maker of the Apostles' Creed jumped over the baptism that Jesus Christ received from John the Baptist at the Jordan River, and proceeded to His suffering at the court of Pontius Pilate and His crucifixion. Indeed, this is shocking. But, it is clearly written in Matthew 3:15 "But Jesus answered and said to him, “Permit it to be so now, for thus it is fitting for us to fulfill all righteousness.” Then he allowed Him." It is also written in 1 John 5:6 "This is He who came by water and blood—Jesus Christ; not only by water, but by water and blood. And it is the Spirit who bears witness, because the Spirit is truth." Jesus Christ was baptized to have the sins of the world passed onto His body, He shed His blood on the Cross to receive the judgment for those sins. He came by both water and blood. But Constantine and his followers intentionally removed the water (baptism) of Jesus Christ from their Nicene Creed and put forth only His blood. Is this not shocking?Constantine intentionally removed the baptism of Jesus Christ in the Nicene Creed. Before the First Council of Nicaea, Constantine and his followers knew about the baptism of Jesus Christ because the baptism of Jesus Christ was there prior to the Nicene Creed. But they created a religion of their own making and told everyone to believe in this human's religion to receive the glory that would have otherwise gone to God. In other words, they intended to create a new religion different from apostles' faith and use that religion as a tool to achieve their political objectives. Those who believe in the gospel of the water and the Spirit raise the righteousness of God above men’s, serve God and worship only Him as the Divine Being. So it became difficult for Emperor Constantine and his followers to use the gospel of the water and the Spirit to achieve their own purposes, therefore they needed their own version of the gospel to be headed by Emperor Constantine. In order to achieve this they intentionally left out the baptism of Jesus Christ. By leaving out the baptism of Jesus Christ they mutated the gospel of the water and the Spirit into the gospel of the Cross. We know that those who believe in both the baptism and the blood of Jesus Christ naturally oppose the untruth for they have the Holy Spirit inside their hearts, and those who believe only in blood of the Cross will naturally submit to Constantine's religion and his evil political objectives for they do not have the Holy Spirit. By removing the baptism of Jesus Christ from the Apostles' faith they could also give birth to Christians who will submit completely to their doctrines and political objectives, and thereby unrestrictedly fulfilling their fleshly purposes. Now, having reinserted the baptism of Jesus Christ into the Apostles' Creed, the believers in the gospel of the water and the Spirit are now presenting this original Apostles' faith to the world. Through this book, many will come to realize the true faith of the apostles of Early Church and believe again with the right knowledge of how God saved them from their sins. Christians who are hanging onto the blood of the Cross alone in tears should realize such mistaken faith cannot save them from sins. They should believe that their sins went over to Jesus Christ when He was baptized by John the Baptist the last earthly High Priest and the representative of mankind. And He bore the condemnation of these sins by dying on the Cross shedding His precious blood, and that He rose again from the dead after three days to become their true and eternal Saviour. This Jesus Christ is now sitting at the right hand of the throne of God the Father. This is the right faith everyone in this world needs to have to be able to overcome the Antichrist in these end times because the faith of those who believe in just the crucified Jesus will evaporate like methylated spirit when the Antichrist shakes their faith. Therefore, now is the time for us to lay the foundation of our faith on the solid rock of the gospel Word of the water and the Spirit. Jesus Christ who came to this world incarnated in the flesh of a man is the last hope for mankind. There should be no more delay, we must return to our Saviour and Creator to have all our sins blotted out once and for all by believing in His baptism and blood on the Cross. No matter how much we try to find hope in the religion of this world, we will eventually realize that it cannot offer any hope to us. No theological doctrines, philosophy, wealth, fame and any earthly things can give us hope and save us from the sins of the world, only this gospel Word of the water and the Spirit can bring peace and joy to our thirsty souls. Like the Samaritan woman who finally quenched her thirst by drinking the living water after having had five husband without any joy and peace, we must accept the gospel of the water and the Spirit into our hearts to never thirst again.  So now, the will of God is for everyone in this world to come to the knowledge of the truth. From this book I learnt how much God yearns to bring the gospel of the water and the Spirit to everyone and to strengthen the faith of those who now hold this faith in the baptism and the blood of Jesus Christ. God wants our faith to be rooted in the gospel of the water and the Spirit and to spread this gospel of the water and the Spirit to everyone through us. God wants us to have a concrete understanding of the origin of the present false faith held by Christians, to separate this false faith from the true faith and to spread the true faith. As the world is moving to its end this faith is urgently needed in our hearts. Because those who believe only in the blood of Jesus are like the dry bones in the eyes of God, God is commanding us to preach the gospel Word of the water and the Spirit to them so that they also can receive the breath of life and live with Him forever.Hallelujah! Ndubuisi Okorie, Nigeria

    • Ndubuisi Okorie
    • Nigeria
    • 01/30/2023365
  • No. 206


    BOOK REVIEW 12 SERMONS ON THE GOSPEL OF MATTHEW (I)-WHEN CAN A CHRISTIAN HAVE AN INTIMATE CONVERSATION WITH THE LORD? Rev. Paul C. Jong BY MY FAITH, I AM NOW PART OF THE GENEALOGY OF JESUS CHRIST This book reminds me once again of an episode in my life before I was born again of water and the Spirit. Believing only in the blood of the Cross of Jesus as proof of my salvation, I could not achieve an Abraham-like faith. Even if I tried to surrender my whole life to the Lord, it was obvious that I was so far from Him. I was so sorry and miserable when I fell into sin again and again. As a result, I resolved that it would probably be important for me to adopt the name of Abraham or David so that I would not only be loved by Him but also live a sinless life. However, this was not possible afterwards. Now, through meditation on this book, I am so grateful to be part of the genealogy of Jesus Christ through my faith in the Gospel of the water and the Spirit. Even though I am not a fleshly descendant of Abraham nor do I have a Jewish or Christian name, believing wholeheartedly that the Lord Himself is God who came into this world in human flesh, actually made me His child by cleansing me of all my sins through His baptism and Blood. Being born into this world as a paralytic, I was bound to commit sin even if I did not wish to. Whatever resolutions I made in trying not to sin again, I was overcome by believing only in the Blood of the Cross. The Lord had mercy on me and made me meet Him through the Gospel of the water and the Spirit which He brought into this world over 2000 years ago. Then I could really be delivered from my sins once and for all. Through His Word, He healed my soul by washing away all my sins.  THE TRUE JESUS CAME WITH WATER AND BLOOD. Dear believers, we can neither be saved nor meet the Lord by attending the great church buildings of this world that only preach the Blood of the Cross and the righteous works of mankind. Are you trying to have spiritual fellowship with the Lord by offering all your material possessions while keeping the Law? If so, you are caught in the trap of the religious hypocrisy of Christianity. The Lord says in John 3:5: ''Verily, verily, I say unto thee, Except a man be born of water and of the Spirit, he cannot enter into the kingdom of God.'' Dear believers what is ''water'' and what is ''the Spirit'' mentioned here? Do you believe that water here means that you must be water baptized in a church? If you believe so, then I invite you to believe in the gospel of the water and the Spirit. The "water" here represents the baptism of Jesus by which He took all our sins upon Himself by the laying on of hands of John the Baptist at the Jordan. The water here means that Jesus, who is God Himself, received all our sins into His body by being baptised by John the Baptist. The role of water is to wash. So, through the baptism of Jesus in the Jordan, all our sins were washed away once and for all. Our past, present and future sins were transferred into the Body of Jesus when He was baptised in the Jordan by John the Baptist. It is by wholeheartedly believing in His Baptism and blood that we are saved by becoming true children of God. If you still remain a sinner even though you believe in Jesus Christ as your Saviour, it means that you have fallen prey to Satan the devil. Satan the devil deceives you with the Word of God by making you believe in miracles, wonders and healings as a sign of true faith. However, the Lord openly declares that whoever says "Lord Lord" will not necessarily enter His Kingdom. Satan seduces Christians today through false prophets who are greedy for money, power and fame. This book teaches us to repel the temptations of Satan with the Word of God and the gospel of the Water and the Spirit. It is impossible for us to repel the temptations of Satan without faith in the gospel of the Water and the Spirit. Satan laughs at you when you try to cast him out with the blood of the cross of Jesus alone. Anyone who sums up his faith in the blood of the cross as proof of his salvation remains under the power of Satan. However, only those who believe in the water (baptism of Jesus), the Blood and the Spirit triumph over Satan.As human beings, we are bound only to yearn for the well-being of our flesh. Even when we believe in Jesus, we are confronted with needs such as eating, drinking and clothing. But we get new desires by believing in the gospel of the water and the Spirit. By realising that these desires are not right and spiritually beneficial, we can overcome them by believing in the gospel of the water and the Spirit, the Word of God that made us His children. MY PRAYERS ARE NOW ANSWERED This book has helped me to pray correctly before the Lord. I used to speak in some sort of demonic tongues and sit with my arms crossed waiting for the answer. I could not pray intelligibly when my conscience was soiled by the sins I was committing at every moment. That is why I liked to speak in these demonic tongues. Thus, I could not see any answer to my prayers. I was so miserable when I was able to speak in these tongues all night.Meditating on this book gave me faith in the Lord's prayer and enabled me to receive spiritual blessings. I also understood why so many Christians continue to visit fortune tellers and witch doctors. It is because when their prayers are not answered, they are bound to consult them in their critical state. But our faith in the gospel of the water and the Spirit is true and tangible. I am so grateful to the Lord for creating me so weak to pour out His blessings on me. EVERYTHING BEGINS AND ENDS WITH THE WORD OF GOD This book has taught me that nothing can be done without believing in the written Word of God. By meditating on the centurion's faith, I was able to truly establish my heart on God's Word instead of my own actions and circumstances in life. Choked by the false doctrines of Christianity teaching Christian ethics and morality, I was always in a hurry to do something for God when I wasn't even really redeemed. I was haunted by the thought that God only needed all my material and financial possessions. This book made me realise that it is the Lord who is rich, and I am poor. Cédric Patrick

    • Cédric Patrick Tchako
    • Cameroon
    • 01/12/2023352
  • No. 205

    Gospel song-Jesus My Saviour

         Jesus My Saviour Intro : G Verse 1         G                                       C                     G The Lord of all creation, came to set me free        Am                               D7 Baptised at Jordan river to take away my sins             Em When John saw Him the next day         C                             G He shouted and he said           Am                  C “The Lamb of God” who takes away                                D The sins of the world     Verse 2          G                                C                     G The Lord of my redemption, Came to die for me       Am                            D7 He walked to Calvary to pay for all my sins        Em The Father forsook Him so that C                G We can be His           Am                           C Once dead to God, now a child of God                        D Lift your hands up high   Chorus          G             Em Hallelujah Hallelujah  C                      D Jesus took my sin          G             Em Hallelujah Hallelujah         C                            D He came to die for me          G             Em Hallelujah Hallelujah          C           D G His Spirit is in me

    • Ern Huang
    • Malaysia
    • 01/02/2023171
  • No. 204

    The gospel is this, Jesus Christ came by the water and the blood to save us from our sin.

    • Christopher Chibale
    • 01/01/2023111