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    Yes, it’s true, for what you say, how you conduct yourself and how you react to situations, marks or betrays you who you really are as a person. Also, it’s said that you are known by the company you keep. People tend to associate with others who like them, and so, they become what their friends are. The groups we join, including organizations, can have a profound influence on the ways we view ourselves and how others view us. After Jesus was arrested by the Roman soldiers and scourged, His disciples went into hiding out of fear of the Jews. But Peter who loved the Lord very much followed at a distance feeling every curse and every whip lashing and beating Jesus was receiving.  As it was very cold he drew nearer and began warming himself by the fire. Those gathered around the fire that day looked at him and said, “Surely you also are one of them, for your speech betrays you” - John 18:18 -25. While Peter committed a sin of denying the Lord three times out of the fear of death when Jesus was arrested is a study I will deal with later. But I want to focus on the idea of our speech betraying us. On more than one occasion Jesus pointed out that one’s words are reflective of his heart, “All these evil things come from within and defile a man” - Mark 7:20-23. What does our speech say about us? Does it betray something about us that, like Peter, we would prefer to deny?  The speech of this evil, adulterous and hedonistic generation, those who don’t know God, betrays the fact that they are committed to lives of total depravity and immorality. Their jokes, their songs, their daily conversation displays an obsession with the immorality that will keep them out of the kingdom of heaven, but what does it say about those of us who would not speak those same words, yet find their jokes, songs and their daily conversation entertaining. Could it not be said that such speech we listen to betrays us? Could your speech betray the fact that you still keep company with your past church life where sinner Christians congregate who deny the gospel of our redemption and only believe in the blood on the Cross for salvation, which is the righteousness of God?  You might deny this, yet find their gospel music, sermons and their daily conversation entertaining. Could it not be said that such music and speech we listen to betrays us? Can it be said that seeking after the interest of the Kingdom of God does not occupy its rightful position in our lives?  Have we not mistakenly replaced seeking after the kingdom of God, which is the preaching of His powerful gospel, pleasing the Father, with other interests?  Of course, work and earning money, food, recreation, and relaxation are important parts of our lives and have a rightful place in our speech, is it ever the case that the amount of speech devoted to these things betrays us? We must of necessity work, eat, relax, etc., and have every right to, watch some television, play some sport, go to the shopping malls, travel, etc., but if not careful we could become that thorny ground which never brings any fruit of the Spirit in us to maturity because we are “choked with cares, riches, and pleasures of life” - Luke 8:14. We can easily lose the heavenly gospel that washed all our sins away without even being aware of it, but if we will take an honest look at our speech and the things that occupy the biggest proportion of our lives we may learn the hard truth others have already heard in us, and more importantly what God and His Church already knows. God requires us to examine ourselves carefully and often, asking the question whether we are indeed mindful of His work or the things of men. Those who have never been truly born again must also examine themselves carefully to see if they are mindful of God’s work or their own interests. Those who have not met the true gospel of the water and the Spirit cannot be mindful of God’s work. Even if they were to give up their lives for the Lord, they are not qualified to carry out God’s work, for they have not yet met His requirement. So when the Bible says, ‘You have to be mindful of the things of God,’ it is referring to the born again servants of God.  The Lord often asks the question, ‘Are you mindful of the things of God, or are you mindful off your own affairs?’   Does our speech betray something about us that, like Peter, we would prefer to deny?  When we hear the speech from the dedicated workers working at their allotted stations around the world, do they reflect who they are, being always mindful of the work of God?  It’s always a joy to hear some of them speak, exclaiming the praises of God, as they go about Gods work. Their speech betrays who they really are, the workers who are mindful of what God requires first and foremost.  What about the rest of us, how does our speech reflect who we are? Are we really mindful of the work of God, or are we more mindful of our own interests? Does your speech betray who you really are? All the born again believers must be those who are busy with the harvesting of souls, working with the Lord.  We all can’t preach, but we can be involved with it, for example, supporting the workers in prayer, in financial aid, encouragements, translating books, etc., being united with Gods Church and doing what it asks us to do, always being faithful to the work the Church has entrusted us to do.  Then when we do this fully, obeying God, our speech will betray who we are, for then we will be wholly mindful of the things of God. May God Bless all His special servants and take care of all their needs. Evangelist Phil GrahnThe New Life Mission: New Zealand & Australian Branch  

    • Phil Grahn
    • Australia
    • 05/04/202148214
  • No. 5

    I recieved the indwelling of the Holy Spirit

    The safer way to receive the indwelling of the holy spirit is to believe in the Gospel of the water and the Spirit. The holy spirit cannot dwell in a heart of a sinner no matter how we prayed for. Therefore we have to resolve first the problems of sins in our hearts by believing that the Lord Jesus Christ has taken all our sins by himself in his baptism at Jordan river by John the baptist and vicariously died on the cross to pay the wages on our stead and rose again after 3 days and now setting at the right hand of the father interceding for us.This Gospel-the Gospel of the water and spirit made our heart's clean enough to receive the indwelling of the holy spirit that God has promised to his children.. now I can cry, abbah father!

    • jenelyn caburnay
    • Philippines
    • 05/04/202147974
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    Jesus instructed us to love our God with all our minds soul and heart, to love our neighbour as we love ourselves! How then can we love God?  Since he loved us first so much and took care of our sin problem, we love him by recieving his salvation and thedoing everything pertaining to the kingdom of God.since loved ourselves so much that we desired not perish, we love our neighbour by giving them the gospel of water and the spirit so that they may also be saved from sin! Amen! 

    • Edwin Ochieng
    • Kenya
    • 05/04/202147091
  • No. 3


    I want to let you know that the agent has told me that the consignment you sent to me will reach me in 2 days. When it reaches me I will send you some pictures for confirmation.I also want to ask you, what is the best way to share this gospel. I want to be doing street distribution, house to house distribution, distribution in churches, hospitals, prisons, schools, etc because Covid-19 is not serious here. I also want to be advertising the books on our Facebook page. Rev, I yearn to have fellow coworker to share fellowship with in my area, I'm alone, I feel lonely. I want to be distributing the books generously. I want to ask whether my plan is okay or not. Up to now, I have been ordering one box at a time from you, now I want to do much work to have coworkers, by this 150 boxes.Ndubuisi Okorie, Nigeria

    • Ndubuisi Okorie
    • Nigeria
    • 04/07/202149899
  • No. 2

    Ministry News

    As we all know, we are not living in normal times due to the COVID-19 pandemic which has so far claimed millions of lives to the tune of Two Million, Eight Hundred and Sixty Five Thousand, Nine Hundred and Sixty Seven (2,865,967). This is a huge and alarming number which is not a joke. And it keeps on multiplying each and every passing day. But despite this, we still have to carry on the work of spreading the true gospel of the water and the Spirit. For these are the times when people even need God the most. And there are so many ways to do this work.“DEATH” is inevitable (unavoidable) to every human being since God has appointed for every human to die once and to face judgment afterwards (Hebrews 9:27). Therefore “DEATH” is not actually the problem, but when people “DIE” without receiving the everlasting “Remission of sins” through “FAITH” in the “RIGHTEOUS” work of Jesus Christ, that is where the problem is. But how can people receive the “Remission” when there are no preachers or propagators of the true gospel of Christ? (Romans 10:14).So yesterday being Sunday, I and some beloved fellow Co-Workers went to Bekwai (a town which is not far from the village where I and Brother Paul have been going). There in this town, we positioned ourselves to do Book Distribution, Street Evangelism, and dispersing ourselves in the town for such a purpose. And everything actually went well by God’s “GRACE” as many people came for the books. Even at a point in time when the books were almost finished, Brother Nana Adjei went home to bring additional ones from the house, but still they were all used-up as dozens later came to demand the books than we have anticipated.Sister Esi, Maa Charity and I even kept some Books in the car which we brought. And these books were kept because we were going to give to some specific people in our respective areas. But because many were rushing for the Books, we could not help, but to give all them out. You can even see in the last two photos that many people were rushing to Brother Eben near the car to snatch books from his hand. It was an interesting scene. Yet still, most of them did not get a copy. So we promised them that we will come there once again for all of them to get a share of the spiritual CAKE, and so they shouldn’t worry.We give THANKS to the LORD who “works” in all of us both to “will” and to “do” for His good pleasure (Philippians 2:13). Let me also take this opportunity to thank all my fellow Co-Workers such as Brother Paul, Atta Owusu Ansah, Evans, Eben, Nana Adjei, Hayford, Sister Lydia, Maa Charity, Maame Esi and Stephanie who worked together in unison which was so beautiful. Not forgetting Maa Hellen who even though could not join us, supplied us with free masks to use, and she also prepared a meal (food) for us as a surprise which we didn’t know until the program came to an end and we returned home. The same thanks also go to all of you Brethren out there (wherever you may be) who were with us spiritually and in prayers.To the LORD our God Jesus Christ be all the glory!Eric Aboadwe, Ghana            

    • Eric Aboadwe
    • Ghana
    • 04/06/202146505