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    Why did Jesus have to die on the Cross?

    The death of Jesus was the payment for all the sins of the world that had been taken away through His baptism. People were facing eternal deaths of hellfire for their sins, but because Jesus loved us, He accepted baptism, which passed all our sins on to Him, and died on the Cross to save us.He sacrificed Himself to save us from sin and from the curse of hell. His death was the payment for the sins of humankind. He was baptized to take away all the sins of the world and gave Himself to judgment on the Cross in order to save all of us from sin, death, judgment and damnation.The death of Jesus was for the sins of the world that He took onto Himself at the Jordan so that He could receive judgment for the sins of humankind. He died on the Cross and was resurrected to let us live again as the righteous.

    • Zambia
    • 03/12/202147536