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  • No. 203

    We can celebrate every day for what God has done for us.

    If God didn't plan to save us from all our sins by sending His beloved Son "Jesus Christ " Ephesians 1:1-4We would be vicariously condemned for the our sins but we thank God that He sent Jesus Christ to save us from all our sins by passing our sins onto His head while He was baptized by John (Matthew 3:13-15) and was crucified to pay the wages of these sins and fulfill the righteousness of God  John 19:30 and now we have been free from all our sins and there's no condemnation for those who believe in this truth "Romans 8:1-2"Hallelujah we can celebrate every day for what God has done for us.Nisi Christophine FENOSAMBATRA, Madagascar

    • Nisi Christophine FENOSAMBATRA
    • Madagascar
    • 12/26/2022174
  • No. 202


    We thank God for entrusting us with His precious Work, the work of preaching the beautiful gospel of the water and the Spirit to lost souls, the gospel of remission of sins and eternal life under the leadership of the church of God:.Having had the agreement of the church of God, we were able to distribute some books in English and 7 boxes of books in French in YABASSI, a Department of the littoral region of Cameroon. The Lord has prepared the heart of every soul in this department to receive our Christian books which deliver the spirit of man from sin and the terrifying judgment of hell.We left the house at 9 AM for Christophe and 11.30 AM for me because of the taxis. When we arrived at the station, due to a lack of passengers, we took off at 5.30 PM. After having travelled 700 metres at most, the car ran out of fuel. The driver had to borrow a motorbike to get fuel. When he returned, the car had to be pushed to get it to start. With the help of passers-by, the car started. We arrived in YABASSI at 10:45 PM. The driver, by the grace of God, drove us to a hostel located almost 300 meters from the city because all the other hostels were already full. We were able to find something to eat and then we went to bed around midnight.The next day, after a bath, it was 7.30 AM when we started the distribution of the books. With the backpacks and also holding the books in our hands, we approached all the passers-by and offered them our Christian books. Others were reluctant but many accepted with joy. We also went into homes and shared the books, which are the gift of New Life Mission, free of charge.When the stock was exhausted, we returned to the accommodation to stock up on books to continue the distribution. It was then that we decided to go to the city centre, more precisely to the railway station. There we distributed 6 boxes of books.Having finished the distribution at the station, we went to a small café for lunch. Having finished lunch, we returned to the accommodation to collect our belongings for the return to Douala. We boarded a Pic UP at 4 PM, braved the difficulties of the journey by faith and arrived in Douala at 8 PM. We borrowed motorbike taxis and by the grace of God, arrived at our destination safely.We are grateful to God, His Church and the assistance of the saints of His Church for this wonderful grace of book distribution in YABASSI.We pray that the grace of God will come upon the people of YABASSI. Amen!Barnabé Baldena Batswa, Cameroon

    • Barnabé Baldena Batswa
    • Cameroon
    • 12/25/2022142
  • No. 201

    Do you know the reason why Jesus Christ was baptized by John the Baptist?-2

    • The Saints
    • Zambia
    • 11/29/2022267
  • No. 200

    Do you know the reason why Jesus Christ was baptized by John the Baptist?-1

    • The Saints
    • Zambia
    • 11/29/2022117
  • No. 199

    Your Coming (A gospel song)

    Your Coming Scripture Reference: Matt 24:5-6, Matt 24:23-31   Intro: Cmaj7-F-Am-Fm Verse 1 Cmaj7          F    Am-G      F  Amidst the trouble, we're standing still Cmaj7   F        Am     G           F  Many are shaken but we still believe   Pre-Chorus 1 Em                       F  There'll come a time                      G               Am                  F2 We shall endure for the sake of Your Name   Chorus                                  C                                G With one voice we sing, declaring Your Truth                        Am//Bb*Last Chorus                      F None can compare, to this grace found in You                           C                                        E7 We will be prepared for the time that will come                                         Am When the stars will fall down                           Fm  Awaiting Your coming Oh Lord   Verse 2 Cmaj7               F         Am-G              F  When trials surround us,    we will be strong Cmaj7                F         Am-G           F  In Christ we will conquer,  rise above all   Pre-Chorus 2 Em              F  Many will try           G           Am          F2 To divide and lead us astray   Bridge Dm                                                     F  Through Your Word we've learnt so much                                  C                        G The differences between us and the world Dm                                 F  We look to You as our guide                                   C               G Our shepherd in the night, in a world that's so bleak   Instrumental: F-Dm-Am-G

    • Ern Huang
    • Malaysia
    • 11/26/202293