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(2) The role of God`s law

  • Élie Renée Tiero
  • Cote Divoire
  • 04/24/2024 2441

Letter to the Galatians-5:4 You who seek to be righteous by the law have separated yourself from Christ, you have lost what God gave you. Trying to live entirely according to God`s Law is a challenge to God. And it is also an idea that comes from our ignorance. It is not right to live apart from the love of God, to struggle and pray, to keep the Law. It is God`s will that we realize that we are sinners according to the Law and believe in the redemption of the water and the blood (the Spirit). Do you claim to be divine despite everything? If you see clearly within yourself, stop trying in vain to become saints, reject stubbornness and admit that you are sinners before God. Then you must return to His word and understand how He saved us with water and the Spirit. Letter to the Galatians-3:24 The law was our overseer until Christ came that we might be made righteous by faith.