Subject 10 : The Revelation (Commentaries on the Revelation)

[Chapter 4-2] Jesus is God (Revelation 4:1-11)

Jesus is God(Revelation 4:1-11)
Through the Word of Revelation 4, we can find out what kind of God our Jesus is, and with this knowledge our faith is strengthened. When the knowledge gained through the Word changes into faith and is planted in our hearts, we can fight and overcome Satan with strong faith in the Lord when the time of His return gets near and the Antichrist emerges and threatens us.
We are nurturing our faith now so that we can prepare for the trials of the first three and a half years of the Great Tribulation. If we meet that day without this nurturing, we will certainly lose our faith. But if we prepare solid faith, we can boldly declare, even if we are to die the very next moment, that the One who has saved us is God, and that we are the children of God the Almighty who is so much higher than Satan who is no match for Him.
But to do so, we must first believe deep in our hearts that the Lord is the Almighty, and that we are His children. How low did our Lord, who is equal to God the Father, stoop when He came to this earth to save us from all our sins? He came to this earth in the flesh of man, in the form of a servant, lower than even us, His own creation. What would have happened had the Lord come not in such humility but with power and authority at par with the rulers of the world? It is only natural for the powerful to befriend only the powerful and to wield their power to the lowly, the blemished, and the weak. But the Lord came to this earth in a form lower than even us, befriended the lowly and the weak, and has made them His people by delivering them from their sins.
This is why God is the Good Shepherd and the merciful Lord. And this is why, to this merciful Good Shepherd, we cannot help but give praise for the glory of making us His children. We thus praise the Lord with our hearts for His grace and blessings while on this earth, and we will continue to praise Him for His power and glory when we enter His Kingdom. To join in the praise of the Lord with our own voice is a great blessing, for only those who believe in the gospel of the water and the Spirit can praise the Lord. We have been given this great blessing bestowed upon only those who believe in the gospel of the water and the Spirit. We must never forget that we have become the people of such majestic God and His servants.
Some people say that Jesus is the Son of God, but He Himself is not God. But as humans give birth to humans and beasts give birth to beasts, the Son of God is God. Just as humans cannot give birth to a dog, the Son of the Almighty God cannot be a man, a mere creature of His. Those who do not recognize that Jesus is God are those who do not know that He has saved us with His water and Spirit.
We must believe that Jesus is God (John 1:1). When God the Father prepared a throne for Jesus Christ and passed all His power to Him, Jesus—who was, is, is to come in the judgment day, and will be forever—sat on His throne with God’s power to reign over all and with the majesty of the God of Creation, of Salvation, and of Judgment. Because we have become His people by believing in the Lord, we will enter His Kingdom and live forever. Jesus in whom we believe is this God, and we are the ones who have become the children of God by receiving from Him our salvation.
The saints, workers, and servants of God, who are the born-again, must have pride. Though we have little possession in this world, we must have king’s pride as the children of God who will reign over the whole universe. I thank the Almighty God for delivering us from the sins of the world and making us His children!
The praise that the 24 elders in Heaven gave to God was for what He had done on this earth. Their praise was that God was worthy to receive all glory, honor, and power, for all things were created by Him and they exist by His will.
What we absolutely must realize here is that the One sitting on the throne is Jesus Christ, and that He is God. This Jesus Christ in whom we believe is the real God who has saved us. In the Kingdom of Heaven, all authority belongs to Jesus Christ our God. The last judgment is also given by Jesus Christ our Savior God. When Christ judges us from His throne, those whose names are written in the Book of Life will enter the New Heaven and Earth, and those whose names are not found in this Book will be cast out into the fire.
Therefore, not believing in Jesus is the same as not believing in God, and not believing in God is the same as standing against God. This is why those who do not believe that Jesus is God, that He is the Savior, and that He is the King of Heaven, will face fearful judgment before God.
Among those who believe in God, there is this group called the Jehovah’s Witnesses, who mistakenly believe that Jesus, although He is the Son of God, is Himself not God. But were Jesus not God, He could not have delivered us from our sins, for only He who is perfect can also give us perfect salvation.
We are so weak that our hearts easily change with the shifting circumstances. The reason why we can praise Jesus Christ our God forever, despite our infirmities, is because Jesus, He who lives forever and is forever perfect, has become the Savior of sinners. Only those who have been saved through Jesus Christ, the perfect God who has made all sins disappear, can praise the Lord. Our faith in Jesus Christ, in our thoughts and minds, must never be like that of the worldly religions. When we know and think of Jesus as God and our faith in Him is proper, we can experience the real God.
We must live in our faith that believes in Jesus Christ as our Savior God, and with this faith we can fight and overcome our enemies. When we believe in Jesus our God, in other words, this faith will make Satan tremble in fear, and thus enable us to stand firm and overcome the trials and tribulations of the end times. If, on the other hand, we do not believe in Jesus as our God, Satan will laugh at us and tear us away from our faith.
Having received His throne from God the Father, Jesus sits on this throne as our God. Through the Word of Revelation, we realize that Jesus is the Almighty God who reigns over everything in the whole universe, because He has received all authority and power of God from the Father.
Your faith in this truth will enable you to boldly overcome Satan. Because we have God’s omnipotent power at our back as His children, none can suppress, and we can all overcome the end times confidently and unshakably. I thank and praise God for everything that He has done for us!
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