FAQ on the Christian Faith

Subject 1: Being born again of water and the Spirit

1-9. What is the true gospel?

The true gospel is the one that enables us to be free of our sins completely, once and for all when we believe in it. The power of the gospel of God is that of dynamite. 
The gospel of God is that, “Jesus Christ settled the debt for the debtor (sinner), who cannot possibly settle his own debt.” The reason for calling this gospel ‘dynamite’ is because when we had to die for our sins and go to hell to be judged, the Son of God became the sacrificial offering for us in order to blot out all our sins. 
He came to this world and took on all the sins of the world through His baptism in the Jordan and washed away all our sins forever. 
He paid the wages of our sins by taking away all our sins with His baptism in the Jordan and by dying on the Cross. Jesus blew up all the sins of the world like dynamite with His baptism and blood. This is the true gospel. 
The true gospel is that Jesus came to this world and by being baptized and bleeding on the Cross, saved all those who believe in Him. 
As it is written in 1 John 5:6, “This is He who came by water and blood—Jesus Christ; not only by water, but by water, and blood. And it is the Spirit who bears witness, because the Spirit is the truth.”