FAQ on the Christian Faith

Subject 1: Being born again of water and the Spirit

1-21. Who is a heretic in the Bible?

A heretic is one who has sin in their heart while believing in Jesus. In Titus 3:11, it says, “Such a person is warped and sinning, being self-condemned.” 
Jesus took all our sins with His baptism, but a heretic doesn’t believe in this blessed gospel of the water (the baptism of Jesus, the baptism of redemption), which is the gracious present of God, but rather condemns them as a sinner while rejecting the perfect salvation. 
The Bible defines these kinds of people as ‘heretics,’ who believe in Jesus yet condemn themselves as sinners (Titus 3:11). You must wonder if you yourself are a heretic or not. If you believe in Jesus, but still call yourself a sinner, then you do not know the spiritual truth of the gospel of the water and the Spirit. 
If you believe in Jesus, but still consider yourself a hopeless sinner, then you are a heretic. It means that you think the true gospel of the water and the Spirit is too impotent to blot out all your sins and make you His child. If you are one of those people, namely, a heretic who confesses your sins everyday before God for forgiveness and admits that you are still a sinner, then you must seriously reconsider your faith. 
How can you still be a sinner when Jesus has taken all your sins away? Why do you keep trying to repay the debt when it was already taken care of by Jesus as a gift to you? If you insist on repaying the debt yourself, you are a heretic because your faith is different from that which God has given. Any Christian who believes in Jesus, but is not born again, is a heretic. You must know the Truth. God took away all the sins of the world, and if you ignore His salvation, you are a heretic. 
A heretic is one who calls themselves a sinner, in other words, a self-condemned one. Do you think it possible that the Holy God would admit a sinner as His child? If you call yourself a sinner while you believe in Holy God, you are a heretic. In order not to become a heretic, you have to believe in both the baptism of Jesus and His blood on the Cross as a set of truth. 
You can be saved only when you believe in both at the same time: the baptism of Jesus and His blood.